Understanding Facebook Social Ads

Facebook Social Ads is part of the Facebook advertising system. Since the network is relatively new, they’ve published very few documents detailing exactly how their advertising system ranks ads. I emailed several of my questions to their support team and received this response:

1) Do you use Click Through Rate (CTR) to determine how often an ad is displayed on the network? Is it used for ranking or other purposes? Is there any benefit to split testing ads, or having an ad that outperforms the other ads on the network?

CTR is a strong indicator of how your ad is performing, and having a high CTR may help your performance in the future. Ads with extremely low CTRs over time may start serving less frequently, so it there is a benefit to maintaining strong performance.

2) What type of pictures perform best on your network? Are there any tips that you suggest for choosing a picture?

It’s not always easy to determine what sorts of images users will respond well to, but images that are strongly related to your product/service and are brightly colored or eye-catching without being abrasive or unprofessional are a good way to draw attention to your ad. In general, you’ll want to try to avoid very loud images, as users will often find this irritating. Many advertisers choose to use their logo as their image.

3) What type of headlines work best? Do you have any experience with a certain style of headline working better than others?

As with AdWords, you’ll want to use a title that grabs the user’s attention and speaks personally to them. The more personal you can make the title seem, the more likely it is that the user will be interested. I generally recommend short and snappy titles that will make the user want to read the rest of your ad text.

4) Can you provide any detailed statistics on the average CTR of ads on your network?

At this time, we do not have these general statistics available.

5) If I have a service that is advertised nationally, but I want to target locally, would it make sense to set up unique ads and targeting for each city in the USA. The headline would read “Miami Car Insurance” if a person was located in Miami. Another person in Dallas would see “Dallas Car Insurance”. Is this OK within your terms of service?

Yes, you are definitely welcome to place the name of the city in your ad text. In fact, this will probably be a very effective way of communicating personally to these users and making your ad more compelling.

6) What is the maximum number of Social Ads I can create?

Currently, there is no limit in place.

There you have it. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it’s going for me on the Facebook social ads network. Has anyone used the system? Care to share your experiences?

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  1. SlightlyShadySEO Says:

    They’re really understating how much CTR matters.
    A standard “failure” ad will have a CTR of about 0.03, at which point you’ll barely get impressions with a 25-30 cent bid.
    However, having a better CTR has a HUGE impact. Right now I’m getting consistent 5 cent clicks on an ad just because it’s CTR is about .26%
    Haha I burnt out a $250 budget in about 30 minutes :-)

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