The Joy Of Remote Desktop Sharing

Although I have a “2 MEG” ADSL connection from Shanghai, I found it especially slow when uploading/downloading changes using Adwords Editor.

All the inbound/outbound internet traffic from China goes through the Great Firewall of China. It’s basically a sophisticated filter that blocks many websites including offensive content.

Before I left Florida, I set up LogMeIn, a remote desktop sharing application which allows me to access my computer in Florida while in Shanghai.

Now, if I want to make a change to my Adwords account, I simply log into my computer at home, make the changes, and upload my account. It’s fast because it’s using my high bandwidth Florida connection.

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3 Responses to “The Joy Of Remote Desktop Sharing”

  1. Manuel Merz Says:

    Hehe good to see that you thought about the big firewall of china before you have left Florida :) I would have totally forgotten about that…

  2. Juice Says:

    Yeah, me2…

    Hey Josh, any recommendations to back up important files.

    Do you use online or offline storage data?

  3. jwexelbaum Says:

    Your best bet is an external 250 GIG hard drive :) also has an easy file transfer option that I’m using.

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