Startup School 2008 Online Videos

First off, congrats to my friends Joel Hoard, Luke & Karn for presenting at Startup School 2008 for their online highlighter idea.

The “Awesome Highlighter” is a firefox plugin that allows you to literally highlight any website text with your mouse, and then save a cache of the highlighted website–making it easy to archive for later review or send to your friends.

Check out the videos from Startup School 2008:

- The Secret To Making Money Online For Web 2.0 Startups by 37 Signals and Ruby on Rails developer David Heinemeier.

- Listen to Jeff Bezos promote the incredible blah, blah benefits of Amazon web services.

- Greg McAdoo is a VC at Sequoia Capital. He says to “ride the wave”.. Meaning, ride the online trends.

- Paul Buchheit, Founder of FriendFeed and creator of GMail, discusses how to listen to your users at Startup School 08.

And More.

2 Responses to “Startup School 2008 Online Videos”

  1. Brit Butler Says:

    Amazon was really clever to get a head start on everybody as far as the Web Services game was concerned. I’ve been really impressed by EC2 and S3 thus far though it’ll be interesting to see how all this shakes out as other players like Google and Joyent enter the market. Obviously, there’s still some work to be done before they really hit the mainstream. There was actually a really interesting article about that I caught recently here:

    I’m not a big fan of DHH but Ruby is cool and there are some good ideas and products coming out of the 37 signals camp.

    I’d kill to go to Startup School at any rate.

  2. ramesh Says:

    I m subscribed to your blog via RSS feed. On October 22nd you posted a video “You Suck at AdWords Part 1″ with a promise that more videos will come in future. (Undoubtedly one of the best videos I have seen in recent times for PPC newbie.) But since then you have posted only a couple of posts…but no such videos. Hope you will keep your promise.

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