Q&A: Round 2 – Get Your Affiliate Questions Answered

I had fun doing the last Q&A. If you didn’t see it, it’s located here.

Let’s do Round 2- Feel free to ask any newbie or advanced question in the comments section about affiliate marketing and I will answer it.


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  1. Hoo Kang Says:

    I respect your spiritual side and was wondering…

    What are your thoughts on Splogs/Flogs?

    E.g. Websites with fake testimonials for Acai, Make Money with Google type products

  2. Hoo Kang Says:

    Can you give us a play by play what your average day or week is like?

  3. Lucky Says:

    You mentioned in your 1st Q&A video about regulation coming to our industry. Which product offers, or marketing techniques, or incomes or what specifically will be regulated that we need to be aware of now? Is there a info resource that is covering the (pros/cons) proposed regulation?

    Thanks looking forward to your product offer.

  4. Chris Says:

    Two questions:

    1) Have you used video for squeeze pages or sales, pages, and what do you believe is the best advice concerning the use of video

    2) I use aweber and I find that my unconfirmed opt-in rate is very high. Loads of subscribers that never verify their subscription. I have ideas to fix this but I’m manually having to count the number of verified vs unverified subs from the test period. There HAS to be a better way.

  5. Dan M Says:

    Hi Josh,

    I appreciated your first QA, it was highly informative. I listed a few questions below, would love answers to which ever ones you can get to!

    1. When you advertise on the G content network do you use text or image ads?

    2. If image ads, do you make them your self, hire it out, use the Google ad tool?

    3. You mentioned getting a good CTR in the content network, is that more important for your QS or because you are paying via CPM instead PPC?

    4. Do you typically link directly to offer landing pages, or do you link to your own site first?

    5. With regard to choosing CPA offers to promote, do you typically opt for higher or lower payout programs, i.e. earn a $1 for an email submit, or earn $22 for a purchase? or do you qualify an offer a totally different way?

  6. Vanleurth Says:

    How do you pick a CPA offer? I know initial market research is important to know what is the demand vs. competition but I want to minimize time and money spent as much as possible. AM will tell me about a highly converting offer but then it is a very competitive one.
    1. Should I find another offer with keywords less competitive but in the same category as the “hot” offer suggested by AM?

    2. From the CPA offer how do you determine which words to use to build your keywords inventory and website?

    Hoping one day I can work from anywhere?


  7. developerz Says:

    How do you deal with or manage potential buyers/ or buyers of affiliate products who contact you through a contact us page on your affiliate sites?

    If you do any kind of volume and have a working Contact Us form on your site, you’re bound to get plenty of emails from people asking about the product you’re promoting, or get emails from people having issues with logins, orders, cancelation requests, etc. Many times these people think that the affiliate site is the owner of the product. So I’m curious how you deal with these types of “Contact Us” email requests from buyers or potential buyers.

    Do you spend the time emailing people back or do you find it’s just not worth it?

    Do you feel that affiliates should email folks back who contact them through their affiliate sites?

  8. Art Says:

    Here are my stats:
    Clicks: 10246
    Spend: $4098.40
    Campaigns: 8
    Sales $0

    At this pint I am thinking that all the “guru” sites are paid by Google to keep the affiliate dream alive so suckers like me will keep feeding the beast.

  9. Logan Says:

    I hear a lot of people using blog platforms for cpa as well for seo purposes. In your last q&a video, you discussed building 40-50 landing pages to accomodate various keywords. Obviously this would not be appropriate for a blog since many of these pages will be very similar. Do you have a preference on site design, traditional vs. blog?

  10. Simon Says:

    Hi Josh

    Now that Google has changed their rules and only allow 1 destination URL per AdGroup, how do you go about testing which is a better converting domain name? I know in some situations the domain name can have a massive impact on conversion rates and CTR. I have recently purchased 2 domain names for a niche and want to test which is the best converting. Any advice?

    Thanks for your help

  11. Simon Says:

    Hi Josh

    In my previous question I forgot to ask, in order to test the conversion rate of the domain name itself would you launch 2 separate sites that were identical to each other? In order to make the test truly valid, surely each site would need to have the same layout, copy, images etc. Would there be any issues that could be faced with having 2 sites that were identical? Obviously once the best converting domain was identified, you could drop the losing site. Is this a strategy that you use yourself?

    Many thanks

  12. Philip@ Says:

    1) What’s your bidding strategy for Content Network?

    Do you bid high at first and then slowly lower the bids
    day by day?

    2) Do you find success with Google Placement Targeting?
    What tips can you give on that

    3) You’ve mentioned that your best headline for content network is
    “Recommended free download”
    I guess you send traffic to an opt-in page this way and giveaway something like free report.

    So what’s your primary goal when sending the traffic to a site:
    - building a list and follow-up with it to close the sale or
    - sending traffic straight to a landing page that has an opt-in form

    P.S I really appreciate that you share you sharp mind with us!
    Best, Philip@

  13. Juice Says:

    What are the top ways to get high CTR and Quality Scores? Also, do you use content management system or static site to promote your campaigns?

  14. Anton (Grand Online Profits) Says:

    1. How do you pick your keywords for testing campaigns? Just take all the list from KeywordSpy? Or sort them for relevancy to the offer?

    1. How many keywords do you recommend to start with in search? My problem is when I start with 200-300 keywords from KeywordSpy (broad list) I spend 3-4 times as much as I make, and I cannot even find consistently converting keywords. (this is ClickBank offers)

    3. How many clicks you wait before you dump the specific keyword? And the whole campaign? Sometimes you can find 2-3 keywrods that convert but the clicks from all the keyword net brings your ROI to the red ink. What do you do in this case?

    4. Have you heard of bidding on demographics in search? Like, keywords not related to product but to the demographics of the product (like Amit did for ringtones offers he promoted) – these keywords have 0 competition and can convert like crazy. Did you happen to use this technique on search?

    5. When you decide to promote an offer, do you start by direct linking to it, or analyse competition and build landers right off the bat without checking if the offer will convert for you?

    Thanks a lot Josh!

  15. Rhen Says:

    Any tips on travelling abroad and working as an affiliate with a laptop? What to look out for, how to save money, be safe, meet interesting people, etc.?

  16. Logan Says:

    2 questions:

    1) What’s your best advice on successfully getting accepted to cpa networks?

    2) I love adwords editor, and I know it significantly eliminates time on setting up campaigns. However, how do you suggest efficiently organizing a campaign with tens of thousands of keywords in a timely manner?

  17. Kev Says:

    Your 1st video was great. My questions are about protecting our assets once we start to make money with AM. Since you are doing big volume I’m guessing you spent the time to talk to lawyers on how to properly set up your biz and get any liability insurance you need. Could you offer us some insight on what you were told to do? As a newb, $300 an hour for a lawyer is too much.

    1) Do you have any kind of business liability insurance? (Makes no sense to me since we work at home, but I read its smart to have)

    2) How is your business set up so your protected? Single member LLC/S-corp or multi member LLC/S-corp. Did you form your entity in your state or out of state? (I read if you go single member its easy for a lawyer to pierce the veil, since you and your biz are basically one)

    3) Any other tips on protecting our businesses?

    Sorry, I get paranoid. I just want to see how a super affiliate protects themselves so I can get on the right path starting out. Thanks!

  18. jeff Says:

    I have absolutely NO IDEA how you can organize 10k or more keywords into adgroups using EXCEL. How do you do it? How do you make that many landing pages?

    Do you use Speed PPC or a similar program?

  19. stan Says:

    Hi Josh,
    I asked a couple questions and was not sure, you will check them or not, so posting again here.

    Three questions.

    1) Amit and You say, first do lateral and then deep keyword research.

    You also say find Golden nugget keywords like domain names, trade names etc.

    So my question: I am fairly newbie. If I am trying/testing a new offer, Adrianne in ppc classroom say get 100 keywords first.

    So are these 100 keywords BROAD or GOLDEN NUGGET keywords.

    My concern, if I just use broad kws, nothing converts, I prematurely leave the offer.

    2) is this broad/lateral and deep keyword concept applicable to CPA offers or only useful for clickbank, cj type offers.

    3) For spying on competition and find profitable ads: ppcbully, affiliate elite, GCD. Do you recommend any of these, in addition to keywordspy?

  20. Kinjal Says:


    Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

    1. For Google content network, do you target based on keyword or based on demographic? For exmaple, If I want to promote ‘Nike trainer’ then I don’t only want to target keywords like ‘trainer’, ‘sports’, ‘fitness’ etc but I want to target certain demographics. How can I target certain demographics in content network? Is it good idea to target demographics than keywords?

    2. Do you suggest promoting the same competitive offers or try to jumo into uncompetitive but less lucrative offers?

    Thanks once again.

  21. Caroline Says:

    Hello Josh

    I’d be really interested to learn what your typical day is like. You’ve mentioned before about focusing on revenue generating activities. How do you go about planning your day? What do you get done in a typical day, what types of reports do you run and what tasks do you outsource?

    Also, you mentioned in your last video how you set goals and then break them down to the number of clicks etc that you would need. If you were setting a goal of earning $10,000/month how exactly would you go about it?

    Thank you so much

  22. stan Says:

    another question Josh on Landing pages.
    1. do you use html site or wordpress for affiliate site.
    2. I want to use wordpress. Not sure how to setup the structure. I know wordpress installation though.

    I like to have this structure.
    - Home page
    - blog
    - landing pages: use ppc to drive traffic to LP.


  23. Anthony Says:


    Thank you for your time and insights.

    Question: The monetary thresholds mentioned by you — five figures a day — are they gross or net?


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