Q&A Round 1: Ask Your Questions Now!

Hey guys.. Feel free to ask any questions you have about PPC, keyword research, adwords/yahoo optimization, media buying, landing pages, traveling, etc, etc..

Just leave a comment with your question.

I will answer your questions sometime soon.


21 Responses to “Q&A Round 1: Ask Your Questions Now!”

  1. Ryan Mclean Says:

    This is a hard question:
    How can you make money from affiliate marketing without doing any work?

  2. Paul DAquino Says:


    I would like to know your recommendations on how to best use banners for PPC campaigns that generate enough traffic to make them worth using at a reasonable price per click.

    Paul D’Aquino

  3. Eric Says:

    Awesome! You asked for it… Lol

    Do you have any advice for picking offers outside of shady rebills using flogs/farticles? I really don’t want to rip people off or use techniques that will only last months lol.

    What’s it like being successful? When old friends ask you what you’ve been up to what do you tell them and how is the atmosphere after that? Have you ever been discredited by anyone because you look young?

    How did you wreck your CLK? Lol

    What style of LP do you recommend? Review, content, flog, etc or have you moved past all these into something different?

    Do you still get slapped?

    When you took your campaigns from $50 a day to whatever it is now, what would you say you did that drove that up the most? Better ad copy on your LP, more keywords, different sources of traffic, SEO, or something else?

    What big changes do you think will be ahead for affiliate marketing?

  4. Paul DAquino Says:

    If I have a tight daily budget for testing, are there ways to do media buys to test offers without a large budget? If not what is the minimum amount of money I would have to spend to do a media buy?

    Paul D’Aquino

  5. steve Says:

    I can only add to Eric´s great questions:

    > What´s the one book you´d recommend?

    > What do you think of tools like PPCbully – do you use them?

    > Do you plan on being an advertiser – why/why not?

    > Why would/wouldn´t you enter the affiliate/ppc biz today?

    thx in advance

  6. Kerry Says:

    Where does most of your sales/money come from the search network or content network? If Content, What Must I be Doing Wrong… I follow everything to the Tee from PPC classroom.

    When making a business entity what do you chose… S corp etc? and why?

    Can i Pay you to teach me or at least help with my campaigns? :)

    Being a college student with only a Student Visa with a limit of 1500 can i still succedd? or how do i go about applying for a higher limit visa or credit card if im only a student working part time?

  7. Ramon Says:

    Hi Josh,

    I’m starting in this business and I’d like to know what would you recommend as a roadmap for a newbie.

    I’d like to focus the Spanish speaking market, do you have any advice?

    Thank you.

  8. Jon Says:

    Could you spit out a list of various online and offline software you use to help run your business and life? E.g. Tools that help you manage projects, help you run your business while traveling, help you capture your ideas, manage time, manage your traveling itineraries, etc?

    * Remote access software like logmein.com or Windows built-in Remote Desktop Connection. Do you have a computer that’s running 24/7 at home or relatives? I saw you use it at times for heavy processing in Google Adwords Editor when you’re at a slow computer or connection like through China’s firewall.

    * Do you use basecamphq, backpackit, highrisehq or equivalent?

    * Banking experiences and recommendations when traveling. Any particular banks you’ve had good experiences with, especially ones with great website experiences? Tips on maximizing exchange rates.

    * Credit cards you use and their benefits

    * Websites you frequently visit for marketing, business, traveling

    * Tools and websites that have simplified your traveling

    * Do you advertising on Microsoft AdCenter? If so, any advice for someone with modest experience with Google and Yahoo?

    * Do you advertise on smaller ad networks like Miva? If so, which networks are worth exploring?

    * Websites you use for hiring outsources/freelancers

    * Mac or PC?

    What’s one of the most POWERFUL questions you have ever asked yourself that has made a HUGE impact on your business or has given you tremendous competitive edge in any market you enter?

  9. Philip Twydell Says:

    Hi – I’m just a newbie, having only been online since the start of this year.
    In regard to promoting goods via the Clickbank site perhaps you could tell me the order in which I should proceed.
    Presumably I should start by opening a Clickbank account – but what do I do next please?
    And so on – to the point where I am receiving regular commission cheques?
    I realise that this might seem like a stupid question but I am, as I say above, a complete newbie.
    Many thanks in advance.

  10. JB Says:

    Hey Josh, im just getting into internet marketing, wanted to know what is the best way to split test and keep track of that kind of stuff. thanks

  11. Moe Says:

    Just one question: what types of landing pages work best for which offers?

    E.g. review page for CPA offers?
    opt-in page for e-book offers?


  12. Peter Says:

    Which Media Buying Networks have worked well for you?

  13. chris thompson Says:

    Hi Josh,

    Here is one I’m looking for the answer on now.

    Looking to know what elements are required in a landing page aside from the obvious on-page factors. For example say I have an URL that I will use for ppc on one offer. I want to setup a variety of landing pages using /landing1 and /landing2 where each landing page is for a specific keyword.

    I would change parts of each landing page but overall it would be 95 percent the same as all other landing pages on the URL. What do I need to do in order to make sure Google loves these? Need privacy policy and site map? What else?

  14. Juice Says:

    wazup Josh…I know you talked about setting short/long term goals in the past. I was wondering how do you manage your life from affiliate lifestyle and personal matters.

    Obviously you’re still a young dude…do you have other goals besides affiliate style and how many hours do you spend typically on managing campaigns per week.

  15. Paul Says:


    When doing direct linking how many clicks or dollar amount would you need before the first sale before you scrap the campaign?

  16. Brent Says:


    Thanks for the offer. Everyone has great questions.

    Obviously there is a lot of competition in high gravity offers,
    what is the lowest gravity offer you might promote to get away from
    so much traffic?

    Everybody promotes the top CPA offers. Where is best place to find
    other offers that don’t become saturated over night.

    Lots of the other questions will answer some of mine as well.


  17. Dani Says:


    Great site and information. Quick question.. any thoughts on KeywordSpy vs. PPC bully 2.0?


  18. Jason Hartgrave Says:

    Video Marketing seems to be the wave of the future…That being said I see you use Vimeo. Is there a reason for this? How do you track your video statistics, or is that even important? What are your thoughts on using video on your landing pages?

  19. stan Says:

    Thanks for doing this Q&A.

    One question is confusing as hell to me.

    Amit and You say, first do lateral and then deep keyword research.

    You also say find Golden nugget keywords like domain names, trade names etc.

    So my question: I am fairly newbie. If I am trying/testing a new offer, Jeremy palmer, Adrianne in ppc classroom say get 100 keywords first.

    So are these 100 keywords BROAD or GOLDEN NUGGET keywords.


  20. stan Says:

    another question: is this broad/lateral and deep keyword concept, useful for clickbank, cj type offers OR also useful for CPA offers.

  21. Joseph Says:

    Hi Josh,

    Is there a minimum capital I should ideally have before embarking on cpa marketing in order to be able to do it comfortably? Assuming I’m only going after those low-traffic long-tail keywords, how much should my daily budget be with such a capital so that it doesn’t run out? Also, what’s the reasonable bid price range I should be bidding with such a daily budget?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.


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