Q&A: Getting Started Seems Impossible!

Here’s a question that came from the Four Hour Workweek forum.

I seem to be stuck with the same problems forever and the problems are numerous: getting a muse, then designing a website, drive traffic towards it and so on and so on…
It’s like an endless list of obstacles to overcome. And on top of that, I have to do all of that in between activities of my current job. So that makes that I am frustrated now because it seems to be impossible.

Hey Davey,

1) Set a goal for yourself. Realistically, what type of position do you want to be in exactly 1 year from today?

2) Once you set the goal, write down all the things you might possibly need to achieve the goal. This could mean a new computer, certain software, particular relationships, a mentor, # of hours a week you’ll invest, money, sacrifices you need to make, etc..

3) After you’ve completed step #2 (if you don’t complete step #2, you need to re-think your life), you need to organize all that information into a meaningful plan. Start from 1 year out, how might your new life be different from where you are at now? Picture your new lifestyle in amazing detail.

4) Then you need to dig deep into researching everything about your plan. Start talking to people, researching ideas, getting suppliers, finding a website designer, and all the stuff you NEED. Don’t worry too much about all the pieces, just FIRE! Start taking small baby steps , EVEN if you don’t know which direction to go! There’s an amazing thing that happens when you start moving– that momentum will propel you forward.

5) Write down all the stuff from step #3 and #4 onto a new piece of paper. Label the paper “My Plan”. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too difficult. Just jot down your thoughts and basic ideas about what you will do. Try to make a rough outline of what your business might look like.

6) Make sure your plan will provide an extraordinary amount of value for other people. If you are not totally excited and pumped about your KICK BUTT idea, go back to the drawing board and come up with an idea in a market that you know A LOT about.

7) Continue pushing forward with your plan, even if it’s small steps. If you really want to change your life this exact moment, get off your butt– print out this page, get a few pieces of paper, and start at Step #1. DO IT NOW!

Good luck!

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  1. Juice Says:

    Thanx Josh and nice interview/info with Christian affiliate blog…

  2. Marc Says:

    I think you gave him some great advice. I listened to the podcast and thought you had some good info in there. Also thought your advocacy for affiliates in general pretty interesting. Seems like you are doing more than your share to educate merchants.

  3. Lee Says:


    Cool article man. Thanks

    Lee (“nghs22″ on the 4hww forum)

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