Q & A: Is the Rich Jerk a Scam?

While looking for affiliate marketing related info, I kept seeing “The Rich Jerk” pop up everywhere. Do you think it’s a scam? Or, can an absolute beginner like me find some useful information in what this person is selling?

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Yeah, the rich jerk is a ‘famous’ guy because he puts out a lot of hype. However, his ebook are outdated wastes of money. I would urge you to save your money and don’t buy any ‘get rich quick’ ebooks unless you are buying the SEO Book or Perry Marshall’s Adwords ebook (those are the only 2 ebooks I’ve ever recommended on my site).

Check out message boards such as digitalpoint.com, highrankings.com, or webmasterworld.com. These message boards often provide a lot of good information for beginners.

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