Promote Affiliate Offers With Skype Autodialer

Most affiliates promote their links by traditional online marketing methods. While this is working great for a lot of affiliates, most markets are becoming very competitive. The Google Cash method (running Adwords ads that directly link to the affiliate program in the destination url so you don’t need a website and send clicks straight to the merchant) can still be applied to less competitive marketplaces, but unless you can afford to pay $1.50-$3 per click, it’s going to be very difficult for you to compete in saturated markets.

This got me thinking how to take affiliate programs into the off-line world. One idea I came up with was to use an auto-dialer and hire someone to make phone calls to people who are not on the do not call list.

So for example, if you are promoting an affiliate program which offers an automatic monthly flower delivery service, you can set up your own site, like Then make calls and pitch your program, directing them to your site.

I researched a lot of autodialers, some with more functionality than others. Most were in the $500-$700 range or wanted to charge me per call. The benefit of going with one of these systems is that you can deliver a pre-recorded message.

The solution I came up with was to use Skype in conjunction with the free Skype Autodialer (not made by Skype). Just open excel and put in your list of phone numbers, minus the guys on the do not call list. Then, you just highlight the first number in excel and click the phone icon on the Skype autodialer. It will make the connection within a few seconds.

To change the timeout (so you can make calls every 1 seconds), go into your C:\Program Files\V8Software directory and open AD.INI. Change the number to 1 and then save the file.

Since Skype has unlimited US/Canada outbound calling (until the end of the year), you won’t have to pay anything for the call. And using high speed internet, the call is better quality than my landline. The drawback is that I’m pretty sure this is against Skype’s TOS.

I personally don’t want to spend my time talking on the phone to random people. So if you are anything like me, I suggest taking an ad out in the local paper for “work at home telemarketers” and pay $7/hour + bonuses for each sign-up. You can give each telemarketer her own site for better tracking of commissions.

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