Using AOL Search Data For Affiliate Offers

If you’ve been out of the loop for awhile, you might have missed AOL’s “Screw Up” when they released 20 million web queries from 650,000 of its AOL users.

There are several ways to monetize this data:

Go to Don’t Delete which provides convenient searching of the data. Where it says keyword/phrase type in, lets say, “myspace”. You now have a sample set of the most popular myspace search queries.

Now download the free trial for Domain Research Tool . I mentioned this tool in my previous post also, because I’ve been using it a lot. Now copy all those myspace keywords directly into the domain research tool. Once installed, go to Options->Scan Settings and make sure “Available Resolve Only” is the only thing checked. Now go to Options->Generate Domains and paste in your myspace keyword list. Click the Start Scan button and it will check to see if any of these domains are available. If you find one that is, take a look back at the number of queries for this word. If there’s a significant amount of queries, buy the domain and write some content related to that keyword for the page. You should be able to get high rankings for that exact keyword. If you have 100 websites making $1/day, you are at $36,500.

An obvious way to monetize this info is to sign up for an affiliate program such as Go to Don’t Delete and do a domain name search for Copy the keyword list into Yahoo Search Marketing ($25 free credit link) to drive .10 cent clicks.

Another way is going to Don’t Delete and searching for domains with high traffic. Then use the Domain Research Tool to generate typos for that domain.

Other tools using the AOL Data:

Clicks By Rank – Tool made by the good folks at SEO Black Hat which shows how many clicks you can expect for ranking anywhere in any search engine for any term.

AOL Search Database – Another searching database.

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