PPC Campaign Newbie Method

One of the most difficult things in PPC is finding a solid keyword list and grouping into relevant ad groups. This process is often time intensive and annoying. In this post, I’ll show you how to quickly create a very highly relevant keyword list by using Google’s own keyword data. I’ll then show you how to quickly group these keywords using Adwords Editor.

1) Download and Install Adwords Editor. Create new campaign named “Test” and new Ad Group named “Test” in Adwords Editor.

2) Select the new “Test” ad group and then select Tools->Keyword Opportunities

3) Enter 1 or 2 generic words in your niche, like ‘cigarette’ (make sure “Include additional terms” is selected), then click “Get Keywords”

4) Copy those terms to Excel.

5) Now, for each relevant keyword, you want to enter it under “Get Keywords” then click “Add Selected Keywords” – This will ad the keywords to your ad group. (The keyword relevancy improves if you put the keyword and then also add 1 or 2 common terms to the end).

6) Do this 10-15 times for each relevant broad keyword in your niche. Then click “close”

7) Now, copy & paste your new keyword list from Adwords Editor into Excel (go to the keywords tab, select your ‘test” ad group then highlight all the keywords with your mouse while holding “shift”, CTRL+C to copy, then paste into Excel).

Remove the duplicates in Excel by highlighting the keyword column and selecting Data->Remove Duplicates

Then copy the keyword column from Excel (from Step #7) and open up this word frequency counter and do a word frequency on your newly added keyword list.
8) Put the results from the word frequency list back into Excel. These are the words which will become the ad groups. (In Excel, do Data->Text to Columns by Delimited and check mark “Space” then click “Finish” to get rid of the numbers next to the word frequency).

Make sure you only group into meaningful ad groups. So delete the words that you do not want as ad groups.

9) Now go to Tools->Keyword Grouper in Excel and put in your groupings from Step #8 (DONT click ‘generate common terms’ – The “generate common terms” usually gives you very poor ad groups. That’s why we do this ourselves using the word frequency in step #8).

Click “Next”. Then click “Finish”.

10) Add your ad titles for each ad group.

You should now have relevant keywords sorted into beautiful Ad Groups ready to upload or export to Yahoo.

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  1. Karl Says:

    When you say, “Put the results from the word frequency list back into Excel. ” which results did you mean, the high frequency words, or the low? And Why? Dont laugh please, I am new to this. :) Thanks. Karl

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