Olympic Wrap Up

I’ve had a fantastic time in Beijing the past week and blessed with unbelievable Olympic seats. I went to 5 events in total: Men’s Weightlifting, Argentina v. Brazil semi-final soccer, USA v. Argentina Basketball Semi-finals, Athletics (saw Bolt break 200M record), & Boxing Finals.

USA v. Argentina match..

Boxing (front row seats!)..

The Great Wall…

Care for Starfish on a Stick?

Feeding the bears..

I’m heading back to Shanghai tonight and then leaving back to Florida on September 2nd to get my butt in gear for some serious affiliate marketing!

3 Responses to “Olympic Wrap Up”

  1. Work Plus Faith Says:

    Starfish on a stick!!! Oh my goodness! My daughter said “that could have been Patrick!” (the starfish on Spongebob)

    Nice recap. Great videos.



  2. melvin Says:

    Nice video Josh.

  3. xyberkthebizbum Says:

    You should visit the Philippines too Josh lots of awesome beaches and places and the people are very warm and friendly.

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