Newbie Affiliate Marketing Q & A

I received a few questions via email from a loyal scrappy business reader:

1) I wonder if you feel if someone follows your step-by-step instructions, things should work out, or are there other online manuals or blogs similar to yours that you recommend?

Even if you follow my step by step instructions, you will still mostly likely have a difficult time. Now, I’m not saying that to discourage you. What I am saying is there’s a big learning curve involved and you need to be willing to sacrifice a year or more in studying / experimenting. A lot of people have been successful right of the bat, but that’s usually not the case. If you hear someone saying “Get rich quick” then stay away! Although there’s a lot of opportunity in this market, it requires a lot of hard work.

2) Assume I follow the instructions provided on your website to the letter, do you feel it is possible to start out successfully without a website?

Although you can try the “Google Cash” method of directly linking to affiliate sites using Google Adwords, 95% of the time, this is not going to work out for the long-term. Basically, we are at a stage in 2008 where you need to be involved with more advanced strategies such as building your own affiliate site, creating targeted “landing pages” for your pay per click campaigns, structuring your Adwords campaign effectively and efficiently, creating a unique selling proposition for your affiliate website, offering something of value, using opt-in’s to capture and market to your audience, etc.

You can learn all about these strategies for free. There’s plenty of public information out there.

For example:

Learn More About Google Adwords
Learn More About Opt-in Marketing
How to Optimize Adwords

3) Are there forums you recommend where a proto-newbie like myself can go to ask questions along the way?

I’m not a huge forum guy, but there are some good ones out there:

4) Is it possible to loose money using Google Ad words? I understand the breakeven point calculation but what if people click on your ad but never end up buying anything? This doesn’t seem like a risk-free proposition.

Oh, definitely! It’s VERY easy to lose money in PPC if you aren’t careful or if you don’t have enough experience. This is a major challenge to most affiliates getting started. For example, deciding which keywords to use, which niche to be in, how to structure your campaign, is all very important to your success with Adwords. Also, once you get the Adwords part set up, you still need to make sure that your site converts. This means having strong calls to action, easy/simple navigational structure, a unique selling proposition, etc. You also need to keep in mind the Quality Score issues. So make sure your site has a privacy policy, at least 15 quality articles, a contact page, a site map, and enough info on the landing page so the user doesn’t immediately click the back button!

Hope this helps!


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