My Shanghai Apartment

I just moved into a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment on the 30th floor in Shanghai, China.

I’m going to be working from Shanghai for about 2 months. Of course, I brought my laptop with me and have a 2MB high speed internet connection from my apartment.

I booked the Shanghai apartment rental through a FANTASTIC Shanghai relocation agency. They provided me with a cell phone and picked me up from the airport. China Expats is highly recommended! :)

I explored the city a bit yesterday. It’s super crowded with 16 million people living in Shanghai alone!

The weather is usually rainy and hot, although it’s a nice day today.


I usually use Skype to make and receive calls while abroad using the Skype In feature ($20 for 3 months + 0.02 cents/minute for outbound calls to USA). I get a local Naples, Florida phone number which forwards to my Skype computer wherever I happen to be traveling.

However, I just learned about the Skype Forwarding function (free). I have it set up so that when someone calls my regular US cell phone, it forwards to my SkypeIn number, which then forwards to my Chinese cell phone.

I only pay 0.02/cents per minute and I no longer have to use my computer to receive in bound calls! The call quality is fantastic since it’s Skype VOIP. And since I only pay for outbound calls with my Chinese cell phone, I don’t use any of my minutes. I called a few friends today and they all said the call quality sounds like I’m sitting in the next room.

10 Responses to “My Shanghai Apartment”

  1. Hoo Kang Says:

    Hey Josh,

    That’s is cool that you are still traveling around the world. Mind if we ask for numbers on the cost of living in Shanghai?

    If I visit Shanghai let’s hang!

    God bless,

  2. Dave Davis Says:

    Wow Joshua, that’s a really beautiful apartment. The views are amazing.

    I did exactly the same thing as you around SE Asia, completely funded my Aff stuff. Don’t get too comfortable there, your itchy feet will thank you!

  3. Manuel Merz Says:

    Wow that appartment looks really nice. Not quite sure if I could live in such high rooms but you do enjoy it as I can see :-)

  4. Marc Says:

    Yeah… numbers. That’s my big question too. How much does a place like that run?

  5. Juice Says:

    Yeah J, I’ve been using skype too and very impressed with call quality…

  6. Robert Says:


    Awesome place man!!!

    Great catching up w/ you today via skype…

    We’ll keep holdin down the fort for you here in paradise until you get back ;)

    Have a great 4th buddy… Here’s to FREEDOM


  7. Lee Says:

    jealous man. very jealous!!! :)

  8. Rhen Says:

    That place looks awesome!

    Give us, some numbers :) How much is it for a place like that?

    Man I wanna gooo :) soon

  9. Amit Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Very nice place! :)


  10. fields Says:

    Nice apt. … Cell phone time is cheap in China eh ? In Chile where I was it was like 21 cents a minute for fowarding so I never did the skype out .. Plus the quality wasn’t always as good.

    For my home office I noticed got better call quality with a hardware voip unit than skype in .. FYI

    Enjoy your travels.

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