List of CPA Networks

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Which is different than traditional affiliate marketing CPS, or Cost Per Sale. With CPA, you may get paid when someone installs a toolbar, downloads software, or fills out a form. These actions do not require a credit card, unlike CPS offers which do.

There’s a mathematical reason why I’m a huge fan of CPA. It comes down to being able to split test everything MUCH faster because the conversion rates are higher.

Think of it this way– in a traditional CPS the conversion rate is 1% – 3%. Which means, you will need 200-300 clicks minimum before you can say with any degree of accuracy if the offer is actually converting into leads.

With CPA, you can sometimes have conversion rates around 15% – 25%. You need to send a much smaller amount of traffic to an offer to get a statistically valid confidence interval to know if the offer is converting.

If you are sending PPC traffic straight to a CPA offer, that means you will have to spend less money and time testing an offer. And with affiliate marketing, it’s usually a numbers game– the faster you can test offers the better.

Here are 3 CPA networks I currently work with:

Here are additional CPA Networks:

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