Keyword Research Video

Hello Scrappers,

I just got a digital camera, so I recorded a video on keyword research tools:

To learn more about keyword research, check out my site

Also, I put together a introduction to keyword research tutorial which is available by email. I sent you an email every day for 5-days explaining the different keyword tools on the market (the last day will BLOW your mind.. It’s a free tool.. I bet you haven’t seen this one yet..)

Just submit your name and email below:

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  1. jb Says:

    Hey man thats very cool, hey im kinda starting out been reading your blog for a lil while and im ready to get into it, i just opend my adwords account, and I wanted to know like do you charge to walk someone through a campaign or what? like how much to give me a day or 2 of your time? because i have a good idea but i rather get off to the right start you know what i mean.. basicaly im trying to promote a website i have selling hiphop rap beats , just the beats like for rappers or artists that need music. So let me know if you could help me pleae, my site is and my email is ok thanks !

    DJ JB

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