Interviewed On CAM Blog Podcast

Wade Tonkin from interviewed me a few days ago on his CAM Blog Podcast.

We spoke for 30-minutes and covered many topics:

  • My entry into the business.
  • The travel friendly lifestyle affiliate marketing has made possible.
  • The basics of paid search based affiliate marketing.
  • Some of terms and conditions I like to see from merchants and networks.
  • The importance of merchants placing conversion tracking code for Super-affiliates using paid search.
  • Some of the techniques I use to test offers, then profit big from the ones that work.

Wade is a great guy who I met at the Affiliate Summit Gospel Brunch.

Listen to the interview.

3 Responses to “Interviewed On CAM Blog Podcast”

  1. Wade Tonkin Says:

    Thanks for the link back Josh – it was great chatting with you and i wish you the best :)

    God Bless,


  2. Work Plus Faith Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize there were these Christian Affiliate marketing resources!



  3. Matthew Says:

    Hey Joshua;

    Is good to hear from you. Very nice apartment! Life of rich and famous. Ye Man.
    Good to hear from you. Enjoy your time and go with God.
    Looking forward to hear from you?

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