Interview With Developers is a PPC competitive intelligence tool that allows users to track which ads and keywords advertisers are using on Adwords, Yahoo & MSN.

Unlike other competitive intelligence tools, iSpionage provides sophisticated ad tracking. You can see which ads your competitors are split testing, which position the ads are appearing, and how many times their ad has appeared.

I’ve found iSpionage most useful for getting a birds-eye view of any niche. Simply sign up for their free trial, enter 50 or 100 keywords related to your niche, and then wait a day while the data is collected. You will then see all the competitors in your niche and which ads they are using on each search engine.

Listen to my interview below with Leon Krishnayana & Marcel where we discuss:

  • How competitive intelligence tools help sophisticated PPC advertisers dominate their market
  • How to use iSpionage to spy on your competitors keywords & PPC ad copy
  • Why it’s important for Google to be your “Most Important Customer” when using Adwords
  • The importance of adding “Long Tail” Keywords to your PPC campaigns
  • The future of PPC

Listen to the Interview (right click -> Save As to Download)

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  1. Marcel Rivera Says:


    Leon & I really enjoyed our interview with you.

    I just listened the the interview for the first time and I heard myself name drop SEMPO and Microsoft research during the interview.

    If your readers/listeners would like a copy of these research reports, I’m more than happy to provide it to them. They can email us at support[at]

    Warmest Regards,

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