How Do I Learn Internet Marketing?

I get this question quite a bit.. Here’s my video response:

Here are some of the links mentioned in the video:

Google Adwords Professional Training – This is a complete free online course developed by Google to show you how to use Adwords

Perry Marshall’ Adwords E-book – Great ebook, highly recommended for learning all about Google Adwords. Alternatively, you can buy his Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords on Amazon.

SEO E-Book – Learning search engine optimization is good, but I wouldn’t necessary recommend this as a starting point.

Azoogle Ads – Trusted network where you can find products to promote.

Incentaclick – Another good CPA network.

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  1. xyberkthebizbum Says:

    This is one gem of a site. I’ve been browsing for 30 minutes already and I have learned so much. Tenchu man.

    How much money should a noobie have to start on the PPC route? I’ve got $200 to burn is that enough for a start or do I need a bigger sum?

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