Domain Registry of America Scam

I’m so aggravated by this company called “Domain Registry of America” who keeps sending me this junk mail (not email) every few months, which says “You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the Web”. They are targeting people who don’t have any idea what domain transfers or domain renewal means. Then they make their letter look exactly like a bill and try to charge them $30/year to transfer their domain (I pay $7).

It’s complete garbage. So I called them up and recorded our conversation:

Click to Listen (or Right click and Choose “Save As”)

Update 1/29/08:

Several months after writing this post and requesting to remove myself, I received another direct mail letter! So I had no choice but to call them again and record the conversation:

Click to Listen, Part II (or Right click and Choose “Save As”)

Click here to read my follow-up post.


I just noticed that a Google search for “domain registry of america scam” produces 24,000 results!

Also, look at this from the FTC, titled Court Bars Canadian Company from Misleading Consumers in Marketing of Internet Domain Name Services”

If you also received these letters and want to file a complaint with the BBB, you may do so here. They use the name “Domain Registry of America” out of Buffalo, New York.

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  1. jonathan Says:

    Hi Joshua, nice blog.

    We get these domain registry of america letters in the UK also and the price is more than $30…

    Nice work chasing them up…

  2. Micheal Says:

    I have been receiving letters from them as well, I have already asked them to remove me from the list and to never contact me again. Guess what? A couple months later, I get another one for another domain name I own. I warned them last time that if they do contact me again, I would contact ICANN as well as the BBB. After searching on Google a bit, I decided to also file a complaint with the FTC, which I did a few minutes ago. So they now have a complaint from me with ICANN (which they are accredited under GRAY INTERNET SERVICES), BBB, and FTC.

    I see that in 2003 the FTC took action against them while DRoA was reselling for eNom. I came across your blog while searching Google for more information about these scammers. I love the recording. It is amusing how when backed in to a corner they behave like the rats they are. They hide. Count me as one !@#$!@#% off consumer!

  3. Maria Says:

    My host suggested I link to this blog when I wrote my post about being taken by Domain Registry of America. I plan also to let BBB know and thanks to Micheal who commented just before me, I have other places to go to also.

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  5. HHR Says:

    Hey Thanks for your great phone calls!
    I just got off the phone for the third time with these people.
    The rep was very rude and ready to be on the defense.
    In fact she was nasty when I told her I felt these letters were
    I had called around October of 2007 and requested to be off the mailing list.
    It is now April 2008.
    The same old same old…
    But glad to get your experiences and I got your blog off of regarding ‘Domain Registry of America, Canada etc….
    p.s. the rep told me to call her supervisor ‘Eric’ during business hours.
    She said the President was named Alan Benlolo.

  6. Alfred Says:

    I have just had a letter from DROA. I live in the UK. I am ignoring it.

    Am I right in thinking that if one signed up to them, you would no longer have an internet service for your website?

    I am going to contact Scotland Yard, internet fraud dept.


  7. jj Says:

    The rat is at it again !!! some people never learn than it`s to late

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    [...] even though there is a small place where they state “This notice is not a bill”.  Take a look at what this guy, who registers a lot of domains in his online marketing company, went through with this company.  [...]

  9. David C. Menges Says:

    DROA is STILL at it! I googled and found alerts as far back as 2005. Luckily they refunded my money without a fight.

  10. Dunc Says:

    David we have just been had by these people, our inexperienced club secretay paid them to transfer our domain name to them. How did you get the money back, we only have a US tel number?

    can you put a lock on the registrar to stop the transfer or is this just a money scam?

  11. Jes Says:

    Managed to be scammed even though I am good at detecting these things. Couldn’t remember my domain provider so assumed the bills were accurate. I was receiving them constantly and paid them $60- but billed for the Int Fee of 1.80. Reported to my credit card company as Fraud and pending outcome should get my money back.


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