Become A Globe Trotting Affiliate Marketer

We have the best jobs in the world. We can work from anywhere. The internet is our playground. We can live in Buenos Aires, outsource to India, and make money in Euros.

Most of you know I was fortunate enough to take a 2.5 year trip around the world. I haven’t written too much about this on my blog, but I’d like to share some of that experience with you.

Basically, you don’t need a lot of affiliate income to travel. When I was traveling, I was making $50 bucks a day. That’s laughable, but it was enough to pay for my food, apartment, and all living expenses for 2.5 years, traveling to 4 continents.

The trick for me was to choose countries that were inexpensive and the dollar would go a long way. I tried to stay out of Europe. I also preferred to get an apartment in a country so that I could stay in one location for a period while I worked from my laptop (I did this in Barcelona, Cape Town, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires).

Here’s a brief run down in case you’re interested:

Started in Mumbai, India and backpacked through India for 5 months. Headed from Calcutta to Thailand for 2 months then to Laos. Did some trekking. Took a plane from Bangkok back to the USA. Stayed in USA for a bit, then headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina 6 months. I rented an apartment on Craigslist which is where I find all my apartments. I took side trips to Peru and Uruguay. Then I headed to South Africa (Durban) along the Ivory Coast to meet a friend at a Drumming festival. I booked an apartment in Cape Town, South Africa. Then I traveled around to Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique before heading back to South Africa and then back to Buenos Aires. I came home for mother’s day, stayed in the states for a bit, then booked an apartment in Barcelona, Spain for a month before heading to Israel and then a 10-day Mediterraneans cruise. See some pictures and my travelogue.

If you are working from the internet, it’s entirely possible to travel the world. If I rented an apartment, I made sure to book it in advance and ensured it had high speed internet. The only problem I ever had was in the desert of Namibia, where the only internet was at a gas station that I passed and in Windhoek.

To give you some more details.. My affiliate income came from promoting a few affiliate offers and working with 2 client’s which I had a consulting position.

I would say it’s hard to grow your business while traveling, unless you are in one location for an extended period. You can maintain an affiliate business and usually sustain revenues. While I was in Israel and working barely 15 hours a week, my business actually grew faster than when I was in the states and working from home 30-40 hours/week!

So, how do you get into this whole traveling + affiliate marketing thing?

If you have no debt and no kids it’s pretty simple.. Decide that you want to make $xxx amount per day and then you will leave for a specific country. Put a picture on your wall or other things to remind yourself of your goal. Then as soon as you hit your daily goal (and it probably won’t take you much time since you are so motivated), go on and start emailing owners in the Apartments section of the country you want to visit. Secure an apartment with high speed internet (I don’t usually give a deposit), and then get a Visa and book your ticket.

I’ve done that process over and over again. In fact, next month I’m moving to Shanghai, China. I booked my apartment tonight :)

So in conclusion, affiliate marketing rocks.

4 Responses to “Become A Globe Trotting Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Andrew Says:


    As if I needed another reason to keep learning this stuff.

    Happy Travels


  2. fields marshall Says:

    Yeah I stumbled onto PPC while I was traveling too .. I wish I had focused on it more instead of programming which was my side job at the time..

    Argentina was really cheap a few years ago ..

    anyways nice blog post ..

    thanks for sharing – i love traveling as well but I got a family now ;-)

  3. Nils Says:

    Hi Josh,
    thanks for your insights. I will be on the road from January 2009. Since last year I am a “full day affiliate” and my plans are going on a 2 year trip – and working that time and earn some money.

    Maybe we will meet one day, I will read your rss feed from now on!
    Nils, the “Gnomad”

  4. Rhen Says:

    Josh, that is so awesome! I’m surprised you were able to do it on a 50$ a day budget, that’s a lot lower than I expected.

    I’m probably going to do this soon thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you don’t mind if I email you for some advice.

    take care


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