Arrived in Beijing for Olympic Festivities

So I’m sitting at home yesterday in Shanghai, thinking to myself “I’m 10 hours away from the Olympics in Beijing.. I have an internet business.. I’m getting my butt to Beijing!”

I call my superhero Chinese friend Jay, and within 2 hours I have a train ticket and a booked apartment with high speed internet in Beijing for a week!

I arrived this morning, dropped my bags off in my apartment and logged into Craigslist. There are dozens of scalpers selling tickets between $50-$4000/event. I got a good deal on Row 5 seats to go see Weight Lifting :)

After that, I headed to the market to pick up some groceries:

Interesting stuff.. But not really my taste!

I’ll try to pick up a few Olympic tickets while I’m here. Maybe check out the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and a few other places.

I’m already enjoying Beijing a lot more than Shanghai. They really did a fantastic job revamping the city for the Olympics. Beijing is also the cultural center and has some trees and parks (which is rare in Shanghai).

I’ll try to keep you guys updated in the next few days.

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  1. Hoo Kang Says:

    I believe those brown things are called- Silk Worms in their chrysalis state. They eat those here in Korea too.

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