Answers to Q&A: Round 1

It took a long time to answer your questions! Hopefully this helps you guys out a bit.. Let’s do round #2 soon.

8 Responses to “Answers to Q&A: Round 1”

  1. Paul Says:


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us on this video, it was great!


  2. Jon Says:

    Thanks for spending the time with us. I loved it. Looking forward to more.

    What’s your paypal email for when we want to get a 1-hour phone consult?

  3. Jon Says:

    By the way.. VERY true about thinking BIG. People who really really LIVE it don’t think small, they think QUANTUM. When you’re stuck thinking small, a useful tip to is asking yourself big unreasonable questions which can help uncover the map and plan to the life you can’t even begin to imagine right now.

  4. Chris Says:

    Josh – wow. Nice work. You held nothing back and gave tremendous value in 29 minutes. Best half hour I’ve spent learning in a long time.

    Your consulting fee seems VERY well worth it.

  5. Jason Hartgrave Says:

    WOW!!! Josh this has cleared up so many questions I’ve been thinking about lately. My problem isn’t in thinking big, it’s DOING everything in a systematic, powerful, and practical way.

    For anyone out in Cyberspace wandering around out there checking forums, emails, and lost in other unproductive activities this guy is the REAL DEAL. Go through and read his deep insights into all aspects of the Affiliate Marketing Industry and spend your SCHEDULED learning time here. Too many people get lost in the hype of product launches like PPC Bully or other flavor of the week stuff and fail to invest the time in free education that is contained in videos like these. You rock, JOSH! Thanks for sharing and (kicking my ass into productive mode mentality…again)


  6. Eric Says:

    Hey man really appriciate taking the time for answering all my questions, even had to watch this thing a few times.
    Seriously identified several of the things I have going on.
    What you said about 6-12 months of research is complely true. I’m on about month 5 and just now really starting to feel prepared, even though i’ve already acted several times – damn adwords stupid tax hahah.
    Sitting down tonight to work on goals – thanks for that pro tip. Think thats really what my issue is right now. Set what I thought was a crazy goal last week to accomplish in two weeks. Well just made it this morning with 2 days to spare.

    Let us know when you’re ready for round two haha.

  7. Vanleurth Says:


    In one of your posts you mentioned a script to determine all domain of the competition that are under same provider. I could not find examples or documentation on how to use this script. Could you send me a link to the documentation and give a few examples on how to use it?

    Thank you,


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