An "Inside Look" At PPC Classroom

Check out my video below for an inside look at PPC Classroom.. Remember, the course launches on October 14th at 2 PM ET.


I had the pleasure of answering some interesting questions about Amit’s coaching, what he has taught me, what markets I’m in, etc.

Listen To Anik Singal & Amit Mehta Interview Me! (Right Click->Choose Save As)

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4 Responses to “An "Inside Look" At PPC Classroom”

  1. xyberkthebizbum Says:

    Josh I want to avail of your freebies and I want to be registered under you but I signed up already on Amik’s site I believe weeks ago. Do I have to sign up again at PPC Classroom to get the three freebies?

  2. speed Says:

    Yo have done a quick launch.

  3. Juice Says:

    I would sign up but a member already from 1.0…

  4. Patrick K. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks for the interview. Unfortunately, the file appears to only be about 2 minutes long. Is there a problem with the file? I’d love to hear the whole interview.

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