Adventures in China

Traveling in China

My good friend Melanie was kind enough to fly out to Shanghai and put up with me for 10-days while we traveled around China. We had a blast exploring Shanghai, eating at the 88th floor of the Jin Mao tower, and hiking up and down the massive Yellow Mountains (an overnight train ride from Shanghai).

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Shanghai — Fun to Visit, No Way I’m Living Here More Than 2 Months!

I’m enjoying Shanghai– it’s an interesting, extremely safe (one of the safest cities I’ve ever been to), and vibrant city with plenty to do. The metro and taxi transportation are fantastic. There are lots of restaurants that cater to foreigners, but expect to pay a premium.

I have a fairly relaxed schedule for now. After a work day, I sometimes head downstairs for a $10 1-hour massage.

When I first arrived, I walked around many parts of the city. Lately it’s been way to hot for that, and I rarely venture out before 5PM… It’s actually much hotter than Florida!

Affiliate Marketing on Auto-Pilot?

So how did my affiliate business survive my 10-day get away? It went fairly well with no major problems. Although, I did see my profits decline slightly which was the result of me lowering my bid prices by 30% before I left using the Adword’s Ad Scheduling feature.

Outsourcing … (JUST DO IT!)

I have an outsource team which includes a content writer, web developer and programmer. In the past, I’ve outsource most tasks. Lately, I’ve decided to outsource pretty much everything. I don’t care. It’s more efficient than me wasting time doing many of the small tasks on my own, which detract me from the high ROI opportunities.

This has freed up a lot of my time to have a bird’s eye view of my business. It also allows me to focus on my core competency of managing my outsourced team and optimizing my Adwords campaigns.

Recently, I even hired a PPC copywriter, who is now split testing all my ads for me. She receives daily emails from Winner Alert and then sends me a spreadsheet containing 1 sheet of new ads and 1 sheet for the deleted ads. I simply upload using Adwords editor :)

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  1. Juice Says:

    What a stud… girl, vacation, and making money.

  2. Patt Says:


    Did anyone tell you that you resemble or look like Jason Lee or “My name is Earl” fame….

  3. Amit Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Love that shot of you climbing up the mountain! :)


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