$50 In Free MSN AdCenter Clicks

Guys, wake up!

The search engines are giving you FREE MONEY to play with and most of you don’t even care. What’s wrong with you people? If I were to hand you $50 bucks, you’d take it..

MSN AdCenter gives you a $50 coupon for free clicks, take the cash!

The offer expires February 29, 2008. So you better act quick…

*Update* Here’s a valid coupon for $75 in free MSN credits.

Oh, did I mention..

Yahoo – $25 free clicks
Search123 – $20 bucks free clicks
Miva – $25 free clicks
Enhance – $25 free clicks

2 Responses to “$50 In Free MSN AdCenter Clicks”

  1. Msn Says:

    Hey did you no that the link you are using has expired

  2. chris Says:

    sigh, do you know of any other promo codes? i’ve been trying to find one everywhere..

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